Control your Habits and Addictions with the Time Lock Safe

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About the Safe

100% Control

You only have to decide, before locking the safe, when you want to be able to open it again.
Once you have locked it, you will not be able to open it until the time frame you have previously set has come.

Multiple Uses

You can lock away drugs, cigarettes, money, keys, small parts of video games and so on.
Managers can use it to limit access to the safe during preset time frames.


All the safes are covered by 2 years’ warranty.
You may return your Safe Box within 30 days of delivery for a full refund.

Quick Guide

Weekly programmable timer

This safe has a weekly programmable timer installed inside, which allows the user to set time intervals that control when the safe opens.

8 programmable on/off events per day

The timer has 8 programmable on/off events per day, and 15 combinations of daily programs, that allow choosing when you can open the safe. For example: only from Friday evening to Sunday evening, every day after 8 pm, before 7 pm, or again from 16 pm to 18 pm, etc.

Shortest/Longest locking time

The timer shortest locking time is 1 minute, the longest 1 week.

When the timer is set to AUTO

This is the Time Locking Function.
A correct keypad code will unlock the safe according to the timer settings you have previously chosen before closing your safe.

When the timer is set to OFF

A correct keypad code will not unlock the safe, no matters if you are in the correct time frame. You will have to use the key.
This function makes your safe work as a standard non-digital safe. Only the key will open the safe at any time.

When the timer is set to ON

A correct keypad code will unlock the safe, at any time (just as a traditional safe).

Our Customers Love it!

Very easy and reliable safe

Excellent product, easy to program. It took 5 minutes to learn how to use it. I had bought similar products but they are all easy to override, for this product you have to wait. The customer service is superb, they answer after few minutes.

Any addiction must have

I put my flowers in here so I won’t smoke all day. She’s open from 6am-7am (morning toke) and 4pm-8pm (evening relaxation). The only person with a key is my husband, I can’t be trusted. haha The safe has been a real lifesaver! Easy to operate. Impossible to break into.

Great product

I got it around one year ago and I am satisfied! It is easy to use and it works really well! In simple words, great product! I highly recommend it!

Our Solution for You

Portable Time Lock Safe
Rated 4.75 out of 5
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • fully battery-based (new)
  • Comes with 2 emergency keys, 4 AA batteries, and bolts to secure to floor/wall.
  • 2-year guarantee